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Featured Create2013 was a year of reflection for me. After a year of exploration (2012) I needed time to really think things through. To guide my hopes and dreams in a certain direction. The second half of 2013 I have concretized my business plans and now, at the start of a new year, I feel ready to show it to the world.

For 2014 I chose the word create. A word that will hopefully remind me to use my creativity on a daily basis. Whether it’s by drawing, photography, writing, knitting or other crafts. I have learned that I have to creatively express myself in order to live in harmony with myself and the people around me. There might be periods of time that I get into a creative vibe easily, but there can also be times that it’s harder to actually make something. I’ve learned that it is not helpful to pressure anything right then. These times are not lost or spoiled. It are times to think things through, to gather inspiration, to mentally create. Until there comes a time when creativity starts flowing outward again.

In the demands of everyday life it is often hard for me to give creativity a priority. I want to make 2014 count by being true to myself by setting time apart to create. No holding back in favor of self doubt, criticism, busy-ness etcetera. I create, because that’s just me. It’s what makes me happy.

What’s your word for 2014? How are you going to make 2014 count?

X Jeau

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